Domestic transportation services

Express domestic transportation services

Inland Express Services provides reliable door-to-door solutions for urgent parcels to be delivered within the country or city. Al-Jawhara Express can handle the receipt and delivery of your shipments according to the agreed time with the ability to track your shipments at any time via the website

Parcel delivery

Al Jawhara Express provides its customers with next-day delivery and door-to-door same-day delivery for domestic express parcels to major cities in their countries, in addition to various other solutions designed to meet their business needs. Also, we always provide proof of delivery of the package. Receipt of parcels
The Parcel Receipt service provides a convenient solution to receive checks, documents and parcels from your suppliers and then deliver them to you at the doorstep.

Transfer and return service

Submit your items and pick them up at the doorstep. This service represents an ideal solution for signing required documents or sending products that need to be repaired, and then returning them to you.